Hey, 21st century – guess who’s finally here?!

Yeah, yeah … so I’ve finally gone and done what apparently everyone eight years-old and above already did about two years ago.  I’ve joined The Facebook Revolution, I’m now well on my way to establishing my online presence, and I’m building valuable social connections with family, friends, and other like-minded individuals who happen to share my demographics with regards to hobbies, television preferences, and general geographic location.

…or at least that’s what the welcome page keeps trying to convince me every time I log into this confounded thing…

I’m gonna be honest with you – despite being the technological savant that I like to consider myself, I’ve never really been all that keen with these social networking sites that seem to be all the rage over the last couple of years.  I think I was a member of Friendster for about a day and a half, and I somehow managed to completely avoid MySpace altogether, but when it came to Facebook, it seems as though I was only able to hold off the peer pressure for so long before the enticing allure of electronically reconnecting with old friends and family finally got the best of me!

And so reconnecting, I certainly did – with old friends from high school and college, cousins that I’ve met exactly once, and even random strangers who kinda looked similar to people I may have known at one point or another.  We all added each other as “friends,” gawked through photos to simulate your typical high school reunion (without the nametags and awkward conversations … a plus in my book!), and then eventually scaled back to simply monitoring each others’ status updates in more or less radio silence … which would pretty much be like internet stalking, except that the whole “friend thing” makes it ok…I guess.

All of this took place in roughly a week and a half, which from what I’ve been able to deduce is pretty much standard practice for your typical Facebook user … but what happens after you’ve gone and done all of the reconnecting that there is to be had, shy of just connecting at random with complete strangers who are distant cousins of your mother’s college roommate’s landlord, twice removed?  It’s simple, of course – you go to work on the farm!

…or try your hand at joining the Mafia, or perhaps even just order up round upon round of mixed drinks for all of your Facebook friends like you were still in college … but don’t worry, there are no hangovers here on Facebook, nor are there shallow graves or even painful, hoe-related blisters that you’d otherwise be nursing for weeks to come between milking cows and doing whatever else it is that farmers do all day.  It’s the core of what Facebook is, really – the very best of farming and bar hopping and Mafia life, without all of those other hassles found in their reality counterparts!  Sure, all of that reconnecting and socializing is fine for starters, but menial labor and virtual drinks?!

Maybe it’s not such a big deal that it took me so long to find this place after all…