It seems that these days us humor columnists are a rare breed indeed, what with the Interweb and all of its fancy YouTubes and Twitters for those who can’t be bothered to read 600 whole words in a single sitting for their entertainment, but you can still find each of these folks fighting the funny fight, making jokes about farts and boogers and the things that really matter in life…

  • Dave Barry The undisputed king of the humor column … technically Dave “retired” from his weekly column back in 2005, but he’s put out like half a dozen humor books alone since then so you do the math…
  • Andy Borowitz – Political satirist for The New Yorker, he’s the one writing all of those snarky comments about our nation’s leaders that we’re all thinking anyways.
  • Erik Deckers – He writes a weekly humor column, he writes marketing and corporate blogs, he writes fiction, and recently Erik even did time as the writer-in-residence at the Kerouac House!
  • Joe Donatelli – 
  • Melvin Durai – 
  • Greg Gagliardi – Not satisfied simply to write his own humor, Greg also teaches english and journalism to the next generation of hashtag-obsessed humorists.
  • Madeleine Begun Kane – The literary queen of the lighthearted limerick, Madeleine writes more of these witty, five-line poems before lunch than most of us do … well, ever!
  • B. Elwin Sherman

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  • Jenn Dlugos
  • Gene Doucette
  • Nathan Hartswick
  • Steve Hofstetter
  • Jeff Lofvers
  • Linda Sharp
  • Jason Tanamor