You might’ve heard that I published my first book recently.  As such, it seemed only fitting that I go on a big, fancy book tour to help promote it!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t really get anybody to pay for something like that, but I thought that we’d have a little fun with it anyways…

I’m currently on vacation with my wife for a little rest and relaxation on a big, cross-country road trip around the eastern United States.  We’ll be spending some time seeing the sights, some time hanging out with family, and of course, my new book will most certainly be coming along to partake in all of the fun!

And that’s where this new blog series comes in! Follow along at home and watch as my book makes special appearances at all of the featured attractions, tourist traps, and cheesy gift shops along the way.  We may not tour “book stores” and “other places where people actually buy books,” but who are we kidding – the Internet is where it’s at these days, anyways!


But you know what’s even better?! Order while I’m out on the road and I’ll actually include with your book a special souvenir from out on the road! Maybe it’ll be a postcard from the good, old Alpenstrasse back in my hometown of Gaylord, Michigan, maybe it’ll be a snapshot of me posing with your book in front of the White House … or at least the White House security fence, anyways.  I’ll pick something completely at random based on where I am when you order, and you’ll in return absolutely love it!

You’re not going to get a deal like this from those other immensely famous humor columnists, and once I get back home, you’ll get my sloppy signature on the cover page and that’s it, so take this opportunity to get something a little extra special with your order and help support my latest foray into the publishing world at the same time!

Seriously, guys – this is going to be a long trip, so unless you want me calling you if we run out of gas along the way, help a hilarious humor columnist out and order a book today…