Mind you, it’s not actually made of wasabi – boy, would that sure give our ever-teething puppy a spicy surprise the next time she decided to make a little late night snack of the couch legs when we’re not looking!

No, in fact I actually use the word wasabi here as a color … which honestly is something that I don’t ever think I’ve done before in the entire 33 years now that I’ve been an active member of The Crayola Fan Club. Of all the shades of green in my days – forest green, mint green, maybe even a little avocado – I can’t say as though I’ve ever gazed upon a thing, be it animal, vegetable, or mineral, and thought, “Well isn’t that a nice shade of wasabi if I ever did see one…”

And yet here I am, with a three-piece wraparound sofa, loveseat, and chaise combination platter now taking up residence in the center of my living room, from which I’ll likely be watching TV and playing video games on for the next 5 years until my wife chooses her next bizarre furniture concoctions that admittedly do go pretty well with the colors on the walls, despite the ingrained memory of that time when I put exceedingly too much wasabi for 10 pieces of sushi onto 1 lone piece of sushi and the subsequent night terrors that took the better part of a week to work through!

Oh, you didn’t think that *I* picked out the color wasabi, now did you?!

Folks, if there’s one thing that I’ve learned about being married, it’s that wasabi is only your friend in very small doses.

Also, sometimes you just have to give in to your wife when it comes to something that you honestly don’t really care about anyways – like the color of things in one’s home. Carpet, walls, miscellaneous sitting and sleeping-type furniture – sure, they come in all sorts of shades and patterns, but really, as long as they’re both comfortable and present, that pretty much covers my two main criteria. And don’t mistake my not caring with not thinking that wasabi is a really weird thing to call a color because I was still very adamant about that perspective while we were standing there in the store, but luckily it also seems that both wives and salesladies alike have this way of tuning out unnecessary man speak when it comes to witty commentary about things like interior decorating and TV/VCR repair and so on and so forth…

Besides, you’ve got to have a little faith in your partner for life, and just as she trusts in me to pick out the awesomest of big screen TVs and the angriest of bird-related video games for our leisurely enjoyment, I suppose it’s really the least that I can do to support her in all of her charmingly chromatic couch commerce conventions when at the end of the day, a wasabi couch sits just the same as a peat couch or an espresso couch or even a hydra couch when my butt is ready to do its thing at the end of a long, hard day.

…although now that you mention it, a hydra couch does sound kind of badass, now doesn’t it?!