The other candidates are right – it is time for change.

But when we’re talking about the future of the greatest nation on Earth, why stop with change in our politics or our economy or even our way of life? As we race through the 21st century, change in actions or words simply isn’t enough – we need a President who is ready and willing to change into whatever we as a nation need him to be, whether he’s faced with a devastating economic crisis, a threat to the essence of democracy abroad, or even something far more sinister…

It has been asked what the other candidates will do when the red phone in the White House rings at 3 o’clock in the morning, but what will they do when the evil Prince Lotor lays siege to a city of innocent citizens in an attempt to lure the beautiful Princess Allura out into the open so that he can kidnap her and make her his bride?

The other candidates are afraid to acknowledge such vile threats, thus reinforcing the truth that when Zarkon’s forces are fast approaching, there’s only one leader who we can afford to have at the helm of our nation. Only one can defend our freedom and preserve our liberty when faced with inevitable destruction by giant, mutant creations from beyond our wildest imaginations. Only one can lead us towards a better, stronger tomorrow, and that leader is none other than Voltron, Defender of the Universe.

Who’s going to stand tall and fight when a Claw Beast comes to shore and decides to start wrecking havoc on the eastern seaboard? Engage interlock.

Who’s going to bring the evil-doers to task when the Loathesome Lion grows to skyscraper proportions after invading the minds of our impressionable youth? Dynotherms connected.

Who can we count on to fight against the evil King Zarkon’s forces to the far edges of the galaxy until all planets are safe from his cruel, maniacal wrath? Voltron!

His intentions to defend the those who cannot defend themselves ring clear with those three little words no robeast ever wants to hear – “Form blazing sword!” The Defender of the Universe has always maintained a strict no-tolerance policy with regards to robeasts, and has little doubt that lesser, humanoid terrorists won’t dare fire another photon torpedo once word gets out that there’s a new sheriff in town.

Go lions, indeed.

Voltron’s history is steadfast, strong, and true – when the people of the universe have needed a legendary hero, they’ve turned to he of many lions and he’s never let them down. Now here in 2008, the citizens of America need a hero to help lead them through the 21st century and let it be known that the Defender of the Universe hears that call. Whether it’s in re-stabilizing our nation’s economy or bringing evil, space witches to justice, his patriotic vigilance will serve as the universal anchor that unites us all in this brave, new world.

It’s time to reassemble democracy, America – vote Blazing Sword in 2008!