I guess you could say that I’m a bit “particular” when it comes to lightbulbs.

I haven’t always been this way, mind you.  I’m sure that back when I was a teenager, the luminescence from just about any old bulb was good enough for me and my friends as we sat around listening to rock music and eating Doritos in between episodes of Saturday Night Live back when it was actually funny … but that was a long time ago and things have, shall we say, gotten a lot brighter since then!

You might even say that I’ve seen the light!

Oh yes, I’ve certainly seen it and let me tell you that it’s just the most beautiful, illuminating white light that you ever did see.  So clear and bright that I honestly could never even imagine going back to the disgusting, yellow incandescent bulbs of yesteryear, and I suppose that if having good taste in light makes me a bit of a snob, then I’ll gladly bask in the glow of superior lighting and wear such a badge with the pride that only a true spectrum of color could properly boast.

Just how much could I possibly love a lightbulb, you reluctantly ask???

So much that I actually packed them up and brought them with us when we moved to our new house, much in the same way that I packed our clothes and linens and prized family photos from throughout the years!  If the next people who live in that house want amazingly crisp and refreshingly lit rooms, they can go and buy their own stinking highbrow lightbulbs!!!


Sorry about that – I guess I kinda just get a little carried away when I get going on about lightbulbs … the thing is, there are just so many people who don’t even know the difference between mediocre and brilliantly-crafted luminous electrical tubes, sometimes it drives me absolutely batty to think of how many poorly lit breakfast nooks and computer rooms exist out there, basking in that creepy, yellow glow that only a 29-cent incandescent bulb would dare shed across a decent family’s personal living space.  And it’s not even just about using those fancy, new compact fluorescent bulbs to save upwards of 80% off your average monthly electricity bill for lighting – it’s the hue of the light that’s equally, if not even more important when selecting the bulbs that will illuminate your beloved home!

Also, the word hue is just a fun word to say, if you stop and think about it.  Hue!

Look, I don’t want to be a Bossy McI-Know-Everything-There-Is-To-Know-About-Interior-Lighting or anything – all I’m saying is that if you don’t choose wisely when selecting the lightbulbs found throughout your humble abode … the ones that will brighten your children’s beautiful smiles and even help you to win some brownie points with the wife by really bringing out the colors in that new dress of hers that you haven’t even noticed yet, your house, your loved ones, and everything you’ve ever worked so hard to provide for your family is going to look about as attractive as split pea soup … at least from a lighting perspective, anyways.

I may be a snob, but I’m certainly no elitist when it comes to superior lightbulbs.  I believe that good, quality luminescence is a gift that every household should enjoy, as long as there’s an individual in said household who cares enough to give his family the very best that Thomas Edison’s successors have strived to give us through the bending and shaping and super-conducting of modern day technology.

If the man who first invented the lightbulb were still around today, do you think that he would still settle for substandard lighting?!

I don’t think so!

To experience your very own luminescent revolution like our resident lightbulb snob boasts about so proudly, check out GE’s line of Energy Smart Daylight Compact Fluorescent Spiral Light Bulbs, available from Amazon.com or in the home repair section at your local Walmart.  Be sure to look for the light blue packaging – otherwise you’re still getting pea soup-colored light with all of your electricity savings!

Please note that this is not a sponsorship by General Electric or any of its retailers … it’d just be pretty silly if I rambled on for 650 words about these truly awesome lightbulbs and then didn’t even tell you how to find them yourself!  Enjoy, and may you too one day see fit to become a lightbulb snob yourself…